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Profoto A1X Off-Camera Kit – Sony

SKU: 901303


    • The button-free trigger for all Profoto AirTTL products
    • Connects camera and light
    • Small and lightweight
    • Two modes – Auto and Manual
    • Auto mode: Point and shoot with automatic flash exposure
    • Manual mode: Fine-tune the flash settings
    • Smart connectivity with the Profoto app (compatible with iPhone 7 or newer)
    • USB-C Charging
    • Built-in rechargeable Li-Polymer battery – 30h battery life
    • Roundhead with soft, smooth, and natural fall off.
    • AirTTL and HSS for a beautiful professional image fast.
    • Smart magnetic click-on mount (patent pending) for A1X Light Shaping Tools.
    • Dedicated A1X Light Shaping Tools available.
    • LED modeling light integrated into the head.
    • Air Remote built-in.
    • Rechargeable and exchangeable Li-Ion battery.
    • 450 full-power flashes per charge.
    • 1.0s recycling time.
    • TTL/MAN switch.
    • Built-in motor-zoom with manual control.
    • Autofocus (AF) assist.
    • Large Hi-Res display.


The Profoto Off-Camera Kit is simplicity personified. Featuring Profoto Connect; a trigger for flash that’s completely button-free. Better still, it’s a trigger that makes the natural and beautiful light from the Profoto A1X more accessible to more image creators than ever before. Slide it to auto; it’s point-and-shoot because the correct flash exposure is calculated for you when you press the shutter. Or you can establish a starting exposure in auto, and then slide it over to manual to creatively fine-tune it. The Profoto A1X features a round head with a soft, gentle light fall off. You can be creative with light with a range of light shaping tools and a powerful battery delivers 450 flashes-per-charge and fast recycling time. As a result, The Profoto Off-Camera Kit featuring the Profoto Connect and the A1X is powerful and easy to use the combination. Used together with the Profoto app it gives you seamless control and freedom to bring your vision to life. Anytime, anywhere.

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