HotColdPhoto Price Promise:

Seen a better price? Let us know; we will try* to match or beat any UAE price of “in stock” gear with a locally valid Warranty.  

*We are not a box shipper, we are a physical business in Dubai, with fast regional delivery and we know Photography inside out. We are worried; like many of you, that we may wake up one day and there will only be two or three online shops left in the world - we appreciate your support in keeping local businesses alive and understanding the difference that a physical business with all the expertise, service and advice embedded in it might be worth paying a little bit extra for. We do our best to stay competitive but please factor in that we will be here should you have a problem or need advice - there are no experts to call at the Box Shipper when things go wrong!

We have an enormous range of gear in the rental so on many sales items you can come in and have a play or if you are not sure you can rent for a day and take away - if you go on to buy on return; we will deduct your day's rental charge from the sales price.